Spain is a country of 40 million people, with low population density and one of the world’s best climates. The international weather journal Weatherwise has repeatedly ranked two locations in Spain among the world’s Top 10 places to live based on climate conditions, namely Canary Islands and Barcelona.

Spain receives 60 million of tourist annually, being the world’s third tourist destination after the USA and France. This is due to different factors: the climate, the gastronomy, the lifestyle, the culture and the amazing leisure and entertainment opportunities, from skiing to swimming.

Air pollution as measured by annual mean PM10 by the WHO is just 29 on average in Spain, compared with 98 in China and 109 in India. Spain is also a peaceful and safe country with no internal tensions and social strife. The murder rate in Spain is just 0.8 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, compared with five in the US, according to UN statistics.

Spain shares cultural ties and historic links with many regions in the world. Spanish is the dominant language in Latin America, with growing influence in the US. Muslims and Jews can trace back their roots all across Spain, after centuries of common history. Asians love the easygoing character of the Spanish people and their rich gastronomy with delicious rice dishes.